Bahasa Inggris Chapter 2 beserta kunci jawaban kelas 12

Chapter 2: If It safe, Go There! Kurikulum 2013

Kunci Jawaban Activity 1: Reading Comprehension lks bahasa inggris kelas 12 XII hal 13

When will Dion refresh his mind?, kunci jawaban, bahasa inggris, chapter 2

Activity 1: Reading Comprehension
Read and practice the following dialogue! then asnwer the question!

1. Find the meaning of the following words!
   a. Refresh (V)      :      Menyegarkan         d. Ridgelines (N):    Bukit
   b. Scenic (Adj.)    :     Indah         e. Hike (N)     :    Mendaki
   c. Exposed (Adj.) :     Terekspos/Terbuka f. Trouble (N)     :    Masalah

2. When will Dion refresh his mind?
    Dion will Refresh his mind after the exam

3. What is Clara's suggestion to Dion who want to get fresh air?
    Clara suggest:"go just about anywhere you wont see cars"

4. What does Dion ask Clara to do if she changes her plan?
    Dion say:"If you cahnge your mind, call me"

5. Rewrite the conditionals followed by command or suggestion found in the dialogue!
   a. If you just want to get fresh air, go just about anywhere you won't see cars.
   b. If you want to enjoy a scenic view, hike exposed ridgelines and checkout the summits of hillsn and mountains.
   c. If you really want to hike, you should check the wheatere forezcast and bring the right clothes and equipment.
   d. If you organize a weekend day-hike, you shouldn't have trouble attracting friends to join you. 

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